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Gujarati Wedding Rituals

What are the Pre and Post Wedding Rituals For Gujarati Weddings

Weddings in Gujrat perfectly display the region's colourful culture, friendly hospitality, and delicious vegetarian food. You can experience regional cultures, spanning rituals, the best Gujarati wedding photography, decorations, fashion, and more.

Gujrati weddings contain a diverse range of rituals before and after the wedding. The article's next section will discuss the pre and post-wedding rituals for Gujarati weddings.

It is said that a wedding is more than two people tying the knot. It is more about the tradition, rituals and customs that make them vibrant, joyful and full of celebrations.

Pre-Wedding Events

Chandlo Maatli

After the groom and bride have finalized their marriage, this function begins, known as the pre-wedding function. Four male family members, including the bride's father, visit the groom's house. Then he applies chandlo (a red dot) to the groom's forehead, gives him some money and Maatli and fixes the wedding date. Continue to read more on the Chandlo Maatli ceremony.

Engagement Ceremony (Gol Dhana)

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With gifts and sweets, the bride and her family visit the groom's home, where they exchange rings and seek blessings from five married women from both families. A delicious traditional meal follows the ceremony.

Lagan Lakhvanu (Kankotri)

As part of the ceremony, the first official invitation to a wedding is written and offered to God as a token of blessing. The function took place one month before the ceremony. Following the procedure, guests received an official invitation.


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The ceremony is generally held at the bride's home two days before the wedding, but these days they are an elaborate event in a venue that could hold up to 300 guests.

At a mehndi ceremony, the family gather for a joyful ritual of music, dance, and henna designs on the bride's hands and feet. To keep the memories alive, they hire the best Indian wedding photographers. Also, the rest of the family women get their hands painted with henna (mehndi).

Sangeet Sandhya

It is a night of music and dance that everyone looks forward to, held generally a night before the wedding. Together, the two families let loose, sing songs, play Dandiya and Garba, and have a great time!

Mandap Mahurat and Griha Shanti

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A common practice among Indian/Hindu cultures is to invoke Lord Ganesha's blessings in advance of auspicious occasions. In their respective homes, the bride and groom hold a ceremony to pray to Lord Ganesha and ask for his blessings for a prosperous future. Also, 'Griha Shanti Puja' is performed to ensure a happy and peaceful marriage.


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The Haldi ceremony or pithi is held separately at the bride and groom's home. On their hands, feet, and face, they are applied a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rosewater, and other herbs by their loving ones. The bride/groom's aunt or aunt's wife (kaki) prepares this paste.


One or two days before the wedding ceremony, both her (bride's) maternal uncle and maternal aunt's husband, called the 'masa,' visit her home to gift her a traditional saree, jewellery, ivory 'churas' (bangles), sweets, dry fruits, and so on. The gifts are wrapped beautifully and presented to the bride.

The Marriage Ceremony

The groom rides a beautifully decorated horse along with relatives as he travels to the bride's home. In the 'Jaan' ritual, the bride's mother welcomes the groom and his family with sweets and aarti when they arrive. In every Gujarati wedding photography, you will find the versatility and uniqueness of the ceremony. Her uncle led the bride to go to the mandap (the wedding venue) during her marriage. The bride and the groom performed many rituals following the priests and married.

Post-wedding Functions

Koda Kodi/Aeki-Baki

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This fun game that the couple usually play in the mandap before the Vidaai ceremony. A bowl filled with a mixture of milk and vermillion with coins or seashells thrown in. The red/pink colour of the liquid makes it difficult to spot the ring visually; thus, they find the ring by immersing their hands into the bowl. The game is played in four or five rounds. Whoever finds it first for the most number of turns is considered the ruling force in the household, grooms watch out!


Vidaai ceremony at the Mercure Daventry Court

After her nuptials, the bride leaves her home to go to her husband's house after the wedding. The ceremony culminates in emotional goodbyes, and she throws puffed rice above her head and towards the mandap. Traditionally the puffed rice is thrown above the family, which her mother would catch with her saree pallu.

Ghar ni Laxmi

In this ritual, as an auspicious symbol, the bride kicks over a copper vase of rice as she enters her new home. Indian wedding photographers capture the symbols of the function, and the couple keeps the memories for a lifetime. This ceremony is held when the bride enters her husband's house for the first time after her marriage.


In addition to the shared cultural and ritual nuances, some aspects of Gujarati weddings stand out. An Indian wedding photographer encapsulates the rich culture and colourful traditions of Gujarati weddings.

Gujarati weddings aren't complete without Dandiya Raas and Garba dancing, full of energy and fun.

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Gujarati Wedding Photography

After your fantastic wedding day, you will have beautiful memories and beautiful photographs, be that portraits, film/video or the wedding album that will tell the story of that day. It is a story about you and your loved ones.

I'm here to help you tell the story: it deserves to be immortalized.

Enjoy browsing through my journey of capturing Gujarati weddings. It would be great to hear about your big day and discuss how I might help capture that most precious of days for you.

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