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Weddings are always full of fun, and plenty of rituals to be followed pre-wedding and during the Wedding and Sikh Wedding is no behind in it, and Sikh wedding photographer has a lot to cover indeed with multiple rituals.

Sikh Wedding Photographer Bedford Gurdwara

Rokana Ceremony

A newly started trend with bride parents visiting grooms house to take the consent of the groom and his parents for the new relationship by giving a Shagun.

Ring Ceremony

A Sikh wedding photographer has a vital role as the ring ceremony symbolises the union to last forever and is performed a few days or weeks before the marriage or sometimes on the Sikh wedding day.

Chunni Chandana Ceremony

Groom's parents visit the bride's parents for the Shagun to give the bride.

Mangni Ceremony

A ritual wherein the Mangni is performed when both sides are satisfied with the relation. This ritual generally takes place at the grooms' house or in a gurudwara or a different venue in the presence of family and friends. This ritual covers the exchange of gifts and shagun typically though it is not mandatory.

Mangni also covers the ritual of fixation of marriage dates which is mutually convenient and suitable to both families. Once the marriage date is decided, the letter of the ceremony, also known as Sahi Chithi, has been sent to the groom's house, notifying the date of the marriage. Certain social ceremonies take place during this ritual, and even a Sikh wedding photographer is invited as this function remains a great hustle and bustle.

Maiyan Ceremony

Sikh Wedding photographers in Watford

Maiyan, a ceremony exclusively performed by the family women, consists of bathing and cleaning of bride and groom for the nuptials. This ceremony is held one to three days before the date of marriage at the bride and groom's house in the presence of families and relatives.

Haldi, besan, and mustard oil are rubbed on the face, arms, and legs of the bride and the groom to clean and make the body glow and soft to get the best look on their wedding day, and later on, they are made to sit on the stool for the ritual bath.

Kalgi Ceremony

Sikh turban pagh kalgi photographer london

Kalgi is a symbol of royalty when it comes to Groom's dressing up. It is generally an ornament that the Sikh groom wears on his wedding day. Similarly to a brooch, Kalgi is worn on the front of the turban with a single feather or a cluster of feathers that form a plume. Kalgi is mostly accessorised by the sister(s) of the groom.

Sangeet Ceremony

Music, dancing the Giddha, and singing is performed by the ladies at both the bride and groom houses. The song sung at the groom's house is called Ghurian, whereas, at the bride's home, it is known as Suhag. Even Ghori takes place at the bride's house with the dance and performance of Bhangra.

Jaago Ceremony

Sikh wedding Jago photography

The relatives perform this ritual from the maternal side known as Nankaa Mail, a Giddha parading party at night through the streets of bride and groom. The lighted earthenwares are carried on the heads, and they sing traditional songs full of jokes with the beat of dholki.

Milni Ceremony

Milni Ceremony Sikh Wedding

The most important day for the bride and groom and the Sikh wedding photographer. The exchange of flowers, garlands, presents, and salutations takes place at the time of the Milni ceremony. After the Milni ceremony, the wedding party moves to appear before Sri Guru Granth Sahib to perform the Anand Karaj ceremony to complete all the rituals of the marriage.

Sikh wedding Ceremony

Sikh Wedding at Bedford Gurdwara

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Sikh Wedding is more than just posing for the portraits, covering and capturing the emotions and feelings of the bride & groom and their families. A Sikh wedding photographer would be truly honoured to cover the grand festivities of the Wedding.

We also cover videography from both sides family.

Get in touch for your Sikh Wedding.

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