How Much Does Indian wedding photography cost?

How Much Does Indian wedding photography cost? You asked!

How Much Does Indian wedding photography cost? Visit this site to understand more
How Much Does Indian wedding photography cost?

How much does Indian Wedding Photography cost? You can find out how much an Indian wedding photography cost, simply by asking around. There are so many to choose from, but you’ll have to consider a number of factors such as what experience do they have, what are their reviews like, do you even like their photography skills, what equipment do they use, are they insured or belong to a reputable body? It’s not an easy task, hopefully we can guide you.

Most Indian weddings in the UK or anywhere in the world, usually involves a large number of guests, and the reception is typically a lot longer than any other event. Moreover, with Indian Wedding photography, the events can start up to a week in advance with various ceremonies to capture.

You can also ask about the quality of photos. Some couples simply want a record of their special day, while others prefer fine art wedding pictures. Regardless of the service you choose, the cost will be worth it in the end. The quality of the pictures will last for many years to come, and you will never regret spending a little more on them. You can also find Indian wedding photography packages with different price ranges.

Indian wedding photography packages are usually set in bundles. The cost per hour is the same for a wedding day lasting only 10-12 hours, but you can reduce the price by hiring an assistant or second photographer. However, if you are planning multiple events, you should budget for more than one photographer, as the opportunity cost of hiring multiple photographers is similar for every event. The cost of an Indian wedding photography package, with videography, can be anywhere between £5,000 to £20,000+. Just note that it’ll depend on a number of factors such as location, number of photographers and videographers, number of days and package offers such as albums, wall art and USB.

Indian Wedding photography costs can vary widely. A typical professional may charge between £1,500 and £3,000 per day, while a non-professional or student may charge a few hundred pounds, but be prepared what to expect (we’ve had this go wrong so many times where clients have come to us for help editing the photos and videos, which we cannot help as you’ll understand). The price tag may vary considerably, however rest assured, professionals have the expertise in their field. Some photographers even offer discounts when you book your engagement photography with them as well. Some photographers will give you a set number of photos and will charge you extra for the digital or printed copies.

Indian Wedding Photography cost in UK
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Typically, a good Indian wedding photographer will take photos for up to 8 hours at the ceremony, a typical Indian wedding with reception may last 15 to 16 hours! They will also take portraits and video recordings of the bride and groom. A feature-length wedding video can cost anywhere from £3,000 to £15,000+ depending on location, number of videographers and equipment.

A seasoned Indian wedding professional photographer will be able to capture both the intimate and the exuberant moments of the ceremony. This means that they will know the best camera angles and lighting techniques to take the most memorable shots of the bride and groom. They will also have a creative eye for enhancing every scene. They can even help you create unique photo ideas for your wedding.

Please remember, no two Indian Wedding Photography will be the same price, it’ll depend on many factors including availability.

Kindly remember this, when a photographer charges £200 for a one-hour session, they’re not charging £200 an hour, at the very minimum, a professional photographer will spend at least three to four times that on a session afterwards. Picture this, over an hour of planning the shoot + time traveling to the shoot + half an hour to set up the equipment + the actual hour at the shoot + time traveling back + about an hour to load and choose the best images + another two hours minimum to edit the images + an hour to load the images online + an hour to order and deliver the prints. It’s all time that the client may not see. Not forgetting the obvious, high end camera and lighting equipment, professional training, various insurance policies and back office administration such as bookkeeping, maintaining their website and social media and the list can go on and on…

In order to provide an accurate quotation of your indian wedding photography, we’ll need the following:

  • Date(s) & Timings
  • Location(s) and Venue names
  • Number of Guests expected
  • Event name(s)
  • Any constraint on your budget

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