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General wedding traditions:

Hindu Weddings:

  • The Ganesh Puja is otherwise known as the Mandap Muhurat & Pithi. This is often followed by a Mendhi or Sangeet night. This is an intimate family gathering that begins the festivities
  • Grah Shanti which is also called a Sathak/Mandvo or Mamoru ceremony. Usually a day before the Hindu wedding
  • Wedding celebration and usually with an evening reception.

Sikh Weddings:

  • Jaggo translates to “wake-up” and this event would have historically happened by alerting the village at night about the upcoming wedding. It’s definitely a loud and joyous ceremony that celebrates the bride joining another home and embarking on a new journey with her husband. Involves lots of dancing, be warned!
  • Baraat meaning, arrival of the groom, usually will meet outside the Gurudwara prior to the Milni function.
  • Milni translates to "introductions", it’s all about celebrating two families coming together. There is a major emphasis placed on the families’ roles, where everyone meets each other individually to see the different relations of the couple. The bride’s relatives often give cash or gifts to the groom’s close relatives, from eldest to youngest.
  • Laavan, when everyone finally makes their way inside the gurdwara, the bride and groom sit on the floor next to each other in front of Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Anand Karaj means “ceremony of joy” and takes place in the Gurdwara. This is the main part of the Sikh wedding.
  • Ardas, part of the Sikh wedding where couples form a promise between one another and the guru that this is the lifestyle they intend to live together. There is one Ardas in the beginning and one at the end, right before langa
  • Sikhia, another major aspect of the Anand Karaj, in which a community member with wisdom and experience will sit before the couple. They genrall offer guidance on what the religious tradition teaches and what marriage means from a Sikh perspective.

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